Information on parking guidance messages

General description
(mustnice to have)
  • Reference to (unique ID of) collections of all VMS signs in a city
    • Reference to (unique ID of) single collection of VMS signs that is jointly managed
      • Reference to VMS sign
        • Index of message on the VMS sign
          • Time it is last set
            • Page number in the message
              • Line number of the message
                • Line of text
            • Display area of a pictogram
              • Sequence of the pictogram
                • URL of the pictogram
                • Is a  red triangle present (yes, no).
Mandatory elements and additional recommendations
(red = mustgreen = nice to have, bold = mandatory in DATEX)
  • vmsUnitTableReference
    • vmsUnitRecordReference
      • vms vmsIndex
        • vmsMessage messageIndex
          • timelastSet
            • textPage pageNumber
              • textLine lineNumber
                • vmsTextLine
            • vmsPictogramDisplayArea pictogramDisplayAreaindex
              • vmsPictogram pictogramSequencingIndex
                • pictogramURL
                • presenceOfRedTriangle.