Public-private interface (Open data)

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Preparatory phase

Step 0: for any service that is implemented, it needs to be checked if:
  • a specific standard is being recommended 
  • any further specific recommendations are made to help ensure interoperability.
Assessment phase

Step 1: Overall quality check - compliance with general best practice recommendations
  • General recommendation 1: separate datasets with different updating frequency (eg static information and dynamic information)
    • test: separate static and dynamic information
Step 2: Technical quality check
  • Compliance with the format of the advocated standard (eg compliance with xsd)
    • test: is the dataset valid against the schema of the advocated standard
  • Compliance with the semantic aspects of the advocated standard
    • test: is the content of the dataset consistent with the meaning of the elements as expressed in the specification
  • Compliance with specific recommendations given for the service under consideration
    • test:  have any specific recommendations for the service been followed (if these exist)
Step 3: Content quality check (at this moment: only qualitative assessment)
  • Completeness
    • test: to what extent is the dataset complete
  • Correctness
    • test: to what extent are the data correct
  • Positional accuracy
    • test: to what extent is the position information accurate
  • Up-to-dateness
    • test: to what extent is the dataset up-to-date.
Reporting phase

Step 4: Produce quality report

A template for an assessment report can be found below.