starting point for any information

General description

(must, nice to have)

  • Model

    • Exchange information

      • Information about the supplier who prepared the information

    • Content of the publication

      • Default language

      • Date and time of publication

      • Responsible organisation for the publication

      • General name of the publication.

Mandatory elements and additional recommendations

(red = must, green = nice to have, bold = mandatory in DATEX)

  • Exchange

    • supplierIdentification

      • Country - eg “be”, part of CountryEnum

      • nationalIdentifier - until a consistent URI strategy exists for this at country level, the following applies:

        • Companies: “VAT number” + "-" + “Company short name”

          • Eg “BE0367.300.101-MobiliteitssbedrijfGent”

        • Authorities: “BE” + “.” + ”BR”/“FL”/”WA” + “.” + lowest acroym + "-" + “unit short name”

          • Eg “BE.FL.MOW-VlaamsVerkeerscentrum”

          • Eg “BE.WA.SPW-CentrePerex”

          • Eg “BE.BR.BHGRBC-BrusselMobiliteitBruxellesMobilité”

  • PayloadPublication (not strictly mandatory but a publication is meaningless without a payload)

    • Lan: Language

    • publicationTime: DateTime

    • publicationCreator

      • Country - see above

      • nationalIdentifier - see above

    • genericPublicationName.

  • Possibilities for Exchange.supplierIdentification & PayloadPublication.publicationCreator

    • Authority or operator publish data: same organisation

    • Supplier working on behalf of authority or operator:

      • Exchange.supplierIdentification: supplier

      • PayloadPublication.publicationCreator: authority or operator.


    • version numbers start at 1

    • indices start at 0

For parking only:

An authority should group the parking sites operated in his city in a separate GroupOfParkingSites per operator.

An operator should group the parking sites he operates in a separate GroupOfParkingSites per city (per authority).

If a parking publication covers multiple authorities and multiple operators different ParkingTables should be used.

Result: a GroupOfParkingSites always groups the ParkingSites operated by one Operator in one City.