Truck parking operator contact information

General description

(must, nice to have)

    • (added to Logical group of parking activities)

    • Operator contact details

      • Unique ID for the operator

      • Contact e-mail address

      • Contact name, first name and position

      • Telephone number

      • Physical address (streetname, house number, postcode, city)

      • Agreement to publish operator’s truck parking data

    • (reference to) Location of group set to:

      • Point of gravity of the geographical area covered, or

      • Geographical area covered, or

      • X, Y coordinates of the head office, or

      • Centre point of underlying parking activities (sum x coordinates / number of activities , sum y coordinates / number of activities).

Mandatory elements andadditional recommendations

(red = must, green = nice to have, bold = mandatory in DATEX, bold = mandatory in DATEX truck parking profile - Annex A)

    • (added to GroupOfParkingSites)

    • ContactDetails for operator

      • versionIdentifiable - guid

      • contactDetailsEMail

      • contactPersonName

      • contactPersonFirstName

      • contactPersonPosition

      • contactDetailsTelephoneNumber

      • contactDetailsStreet

      • contactDetailsHouseNumber

      • contactDetailsPostcode

      • contactDetailsCity

      • publishingAgreement = true

    • (reference to) ParkingLocation

      • Area (tpegAreaLocation = largeArea) with the centrePoint = latitude and longitude of the head office, or

      • Geographical area covered by the authority published as PredefinedLocation, or

      • X, Y coordinates of head office, or

        • Centre point of underlying sites (sum x coordinates / number of sites, sum y coordinates / number of sites).

  • An operator should group the parking sites he operates per region or city (per authority) in a separate GroupOfParkingSites.